Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Twelve

Tuesday is Coffee Club day. I love coffee club. Coffee club is when my home is filled with lovely high school and college aged girls. They’re the sweetest most wonderful girls and I just love getting them all addicted to coffee (I’ve got one coffee hold out but I’ll win her over yet). Today I wanted to up the fancy with my coffee club so I got out the pretty coffee set I display in the corner cupboard and I made a pink cake.


This cake was from Pinterest and I’ll be honest I was not thrilled with it. I mean it tasted fine but there are so many amazing recipes out there I probably won’t fight with this one again. First of all it was a pretty fiddly recipe which would be fine if it turned out great but it didn’t. Second, I had to bake the cake a full fifteen minutes longer then the recipe said (and it was still a bit underdone) then it didn’t come out of the bunt cake pan pretty at all. Third, it made waaaay too much frosting. I am not a frosting prude and I still had to throw a lot of it out. Finally, the color was slightly pepto bismalish. 

The company was fantastic though and I love those girls so very much.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway. You’ve got until Thursday and I would just love to send you a piece of love!


5 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentines: Day Twelve

  1. That is so sweet. You do have Mary won over with the coffee (with lots of chocolate) I appreciate all that you do for/with them!
    The guys will just love that the recipe on “pinterest” didn’t turn out so well, (I hate it when that happens)

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