Fourteen Days of Valentine’s: Day Thirteen

When I was a girl I loathed Valentine’s cards. You know the ones with Mickey, or whatever, that you fill out for your classmates. I had to fill them all out and it was soooo boring and then you always ran out of neutral “friend” cards and would end up giving a “Be Mine” to some random boy who would then make fun of you. I HATED it! Fast forward a bunch of years and my oldest boy is in School. I decide that for once I am going to be the cool mom and make some really neat, neutral, boy Valentine cards. Pinterest to the rescue.

What a mess. Blech!

Sigh…I chose the one with the least amount of steps it should have been a piece of cake… You know how you have to crack a glow-stick to make it glow? Well, apparently the glow-sticks you buy at the dollar store are super sensitive. They kept cracking and once they crack there’s no going back! I may have uttered a few choice words (not very lovey I know) we might be one short of an actual glowing stick (I’m hoping the 25 students includes SuperH who already got all the broken ones).


I thought I loved all the things this holiday has to offer (except creepy phone dating commercials) turns out, I still hate the Valentine’s you do for school.


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