Happy Valentine’s Day!!! What a wonderful day, I hope yours is filled with sparkles and hearts. Mine is. We’re enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends. I love feeling like a giant family and I love good food. Ribs, home made bread, fancy salad, roast potatoes, and Baily’s Chocolate cake!!

The winners of the giveaway are…. EVERYONE!!!!! Everyone who left a comment under “day eight” is a winner (Mitzi, KatieBeth, Susie, Jammi, Sara, Amelia, Courtney, Jenn, Danielle, Alex, if I missed you let me know). Maybe it’s the smell of ribs or the feel of my new necklace but I just love you guys!!! Send me a fb message or email me at jessieheninger@hotmail.com with your name and address and I’ll get your treat in the mail soon. Let me know what you might like to win, I can’t guarantee you’ll get that but I’ll do my best (not shown are a couple of aprons).


Thank you for being such faithful readers. Thank you for your love and support.


One thought on “DAY FOURTEEN!!!!!

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