Oh, Pajamas How Lovely…

Remember a couple weeks ago when I showed you a pocket and was all like, “I’m making pajamas for myself they’re not done here’s the pocket”? I finally finished them!! Let me tell you that I am pretty proud of these pj’s. It’s been forever since I had a nice pair of matching pajamas and I forgot how luxurious it is to sleep in something other then a t-shirt splattered in paint.


I was inspired by The TV show, The New Girl’s pajamas and I think these turned out pretty well. Definitely worth it considering one of the pairs she wears on the show retail for $200 and another pair for $80!! I’m really happy with the red trim and so glad I took the time to cross stitch the pocket. I think it adds a really special touch. I’m also pleased with the collar. Firstly, because I’ve never made anything with a collar like this and secondly because that page of instructions with the pattern was missing!! MISSING!! It was very scary there for a while but me and my vintage sewing books figured it out (go team!).


I have to share the pattern’s cover with you. BLECH! They are wearing pajamas made in fabric with food on them and then posing with that food! It reminds me of this scene in Every Dog Goes to Heaven where this dog pours ketchup all over a sandwich. I saw that when I was a kid with the flu and for years whenever I thought about ketchup I got nauseous. That’s how the cover makes me feel…gross (who styled this cover and thought that was clever?) Mine are certainly more stylish!! Perfect for a lazy morning and a cup of tea in bed.

*I should note that just because they are perfect for a cup of tea in bed, I’ve never actually enjoyed a lazy morning and cup of tea in bed, I do have small children. Oh Downton how you’ve ruined me with thoughts of maids and tea in bed!!


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