And Then Came the Germs…

Last week was so exciting. There was the article, and then I had the opportunity to go to Maryland to visit my parents and sisters for a long weekend. I had in my mind that I would arrive and surprise them with the article and then we would celebrate by getting donuts at the mennonite market (those donuts will change your life). Well, the article didn’t come out as early as I thought and then I developed a pretty bad head cold. Back in Michigan my poor husband was dealing with a toddler with the flu. 

The visit was still really nice but coming home not feeling well to a house filled with germs… Well, there just isn’t anything glamorous about that. My older son got it too and I finally feel like we’re sort of beginning to emerge from the haze of long nights and ickiness. Every day I clean a little more and I so wish I could open the windows and let some warm spring air in (soon right, I mean it’s March it can’t stay winter forever?). 

My nephew is so chubby and completely solid it makes me want to scream! Tea is just so comforting. These pearls were a gift from my sister to celebrate my article; what a blessing to have so much support (and I do so love pearls, what fifties gal doesn’t?).

Hope your all doing well, and I plan on having something a bit more exciting to share once my life gets back to normal.


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