I both love and hate to travel. The thing of it is, I’m sort of a coward when it comes to not knowing what to expect. Therefore I get all nervous and weird when I’m about to go on a big trip. However, once I’m there I LOVE it. New food and shops and beautiful things to see. It completely outweighs the nerves. Lately I’ve been feeling very stuck. I know it’s the weather; here it is March and there is still snow on the ground and the sun is nowhere to be found.


Fate has stepped in. Or rather my best friend has decided to get married in Jamaica. And guess what? I’m going!!! SQUEAL! Can you believe it? I hardly can. I’ve been on a high ever since my mom and I made our reservations. Am I nervous? Yes, mostly about getting a passport, that kind of stuff really freaks me out. My excitement, however, is about ten million times greater.

I have a very good way to combat nerves anyway. That is to come up with way too many sewing ideas and an entire Jamaica wardrobe. I’ve been late night stalking fabric.com and everything. I know I won’t get as much done as I think, and I’m fine with buying some of the things I’ll need ready made, but oh friends can’t you just see me walking the beaches with my hair tied up in a scarf in this 1940’s inspired blouse?

From Colette patterns: Lily and Chantilly. Simplicity 1692 reissue of a 1940’s blouse patter. Colette Iris shorts. Pink gingam vintage sun dress from vavoom vintage.

More to come as I actually sew things and actually go of course. I hope your weekend is as filled with dreams as mine. One more thing, the resort we’re going to totally serves breakfast in bed. Tea, just like Dowton. I feel like my dreams are coming true!!


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