Here is a Jamaican conundrum.

I can’t decide if this is a very breezy tropical dress. If it’s a bathing suit cover or if it’s really just a nightgown. I really don’t know. Is it the pattern (a vintage 1970’s) or the fabric? Is it completely appropriate for Jamaica but nowhere else? Is it the fact that it’s still snowing here that is causing all the confusion? I really can’t say.


I also can’t decide if I should make the dress again (it was ever so simple) but in a sturdy printed cotton this time. I think that would completely change the look but maybe this style really isn’t good for my very curvy figure? I don’t know I need your help readers. One of my greatest fears is that my love of sewing will lead me to looking frumpy; it’s up to you to keep that from happening. On the other hand sometimes when you make something you just can’t see how it really looks…

A sun dress.
Bathing suit cover.

Please please be honest (nicely of course) and let me know which of the three (sun dress, nightgown, bathing suit cover up) you think it most closely resembles. If you think it’s worth trying again in a different fabric (I’m inclined to try again because it’s so simple you really aren’t out much and the cover illustration is just so cute!). I’ll tell you one thing it has going for it, it’s light as a feather which in a tropical climate can only be a good thing.


11 thoughts on “Here is a Jamaican conundrum.

  1. I think it could work as any of the 3. But it’s too pretty just to wear for bed. If it’s a beach cover up…ah…so good. If it’s a sundress, you need something to accent your waistline. Do you know what I mean? I think it would be very pretty in a darker material, too. 🙂

    You are so lovely.

  2. There’s something about it that makes it seem more casual bathing suit cover up than anything else, im my opinion. Maybe it does just need an accent color or something around the waist. It’s cute but it just needs something to add to it. You’re very talented.

  3. I agree with Susie. It’s much too pretty to just wear to bed. I’d go with some color around the waist too, not necessarily just brown. It’s the tropics! Try a colored belt or thicker ribbon tied into a bow around the waist. Then add some nice statement jewelry – bigger pieces like a bling ring, chunky bracelets, earrings, or possibly even a flower on a pin near the shoulder (or a big flower clip in your hair!) So many fun options! This dress is like a blank canvas that you can do so many fun things with. You have lots of options! It’s a beautiful dress too. I love the lace trims at the bottom! Be sure to take more pictures of the dress in action!!

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