Now For Something A Little Different…

My sister’s birthday is in January. Right after Christmas. Right after all the present making crazy of December. Lots of times I never get around to sharing with you what I’ve made for her because it’s gets lost in the post Christmas haze. So any way this year she thought the pajamas I made for the boys were really awesome (they were you can see them here). So I made her a pair of Karate Star Trek The Original Series pajamas. That’s very specific but that’s the beauty of sewing things yourself (also Joann fabrics has some super kicking funky/vintage fabrics with super heroes and Star Trek and Star Wars).

My sister, who is just the neatest most cool person (besides my other sister of course), took these photos and as you can see we are definitely cut from the same cloth.

I also made a vintage super hero messenger bag for my oldest son who, at six, is too cool for the bag so I have started carrying it because it IS cool, holds a lot of stuff and my other purses all bit the dust. She loves my bag and commissioned a Star Trek one for herself and a super cool geeky friend of hers. They were so fun to make!! It is just so fun to make things out of super great fabric. I mean really if only they made Doctor Who fabric my nerd life would be complete!!!

I used the pattern from the book “One Yard Wonders” and just made the dimensions a bit bigger.

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