Nine Hours in a Car…

Nine hours in a car with a four and six year old sounds terrible doesn’t it? This is one of those instances where I am so grateful and proud of my children (except the five minutes where Conster sat on the floor of the rest stop screaming). They are very good travelers. I’m sure it helps that they’re on there way to see their Nannie and Poppie and aunts and cousins (let’s not forget the coolest guy ever, Uncle Justin!) but even on the way home they’re good. 

This is daffodil lane in the woods. What a treat after so many long cold months.

My parents live on what we all refer to as “the farm” which sounds kind of creepy like from some scifi show where clones are made, or where your dog goes when it dies. But in reality is a rolling horse farm and bed and breakfast. There’s woods, and a creek, and barn cats, truly the best place for kids to visit their grand parents.

I have a picture of SuperH and Poppie like this every year. What a special place.

The trip was lovely filled with donuts and late nights and movies and antiquing (I got the cutest pin) and clothes shopping for the big trip (my Jamaica wardrobe is almost complete)! It’s always hard to come home, though, I missed my husband and dog, and there’s something to be said to coming home to a clean sewing room, oh the possibilities.

I had a strange thing happen to me before we left however. I could not fall asleep no matter how hard I tried and then I had a panic attack. I never sleep well before a big day of travel but this was completely over the top. One of those things where you keep thinking you should get up and take something but it’s so late your afraid you won’t wake up. It was horrible. I have learned my lesson and though I don’t advocate this kind of thing I’ll probably take a sleep aid the night before we leave for Jamaica because I can not live through another night like that!

I’m glad to be home and blogging again and finding our routine. I’ve got the pieces of a blouse all cut out and ready to go! Tell me what are you up to these days?


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