When one of your roots is pulled up…

I have moved over eight times in my life. That’s a lot of boxes, newspaper, and bubble wrap. I’ve gotten really fast at packing, I’m sort of like a piranha, I can strip a home clean of it’s innards in no time flat. I’ve had to leave a lot of good people and so many great friends. Some I’ve stayed in contact with some I haven’t. I have never been left, I’m always the one leaving. Until now.

The house we currently live in is the longest I’ve lived anywhere. I’ve lived here for six and a half years. I feel like I’ve put down roots like I’m a real grownup with real grownup relationships and hobbies and coffee haunts. I’m happy and content on this little piece of earth with my boys and my dog. Having roots is different, it’s different good.

One of the things that made Hannah Street feel like home is the lady who lives across the street. She’s dear to my heart. She has made one of my 1950’s dreams come true by being the one who pops over for a cup of coffee. I run over there for cups of sugar. We do not knock. How many trips to Joann’s we’ve made together I cannot even count (I’m pretty sure the ladies that work there aren’t sure if the baby is her’s or mine). Our husbands are friends and our kids have spent so much time together it’s difficult to see where one leaves off and the other starts. We sit next to each other in church (which is nice for me as my husband is working with the children at that time) and have cooked out so many meals in the summer that I’m sure we have adopted each other’s dishes without even realizing it.

I just watched her moving truck pull away. I watched out my window as all her earthly possessions started their long journey to Illinois. Being the friend that is left behind is not easier it still hurts an awful lot.

I am now facing quiet and lonely trips to the fabric shop, salad lunches made for no one but myself, and an empty seat beside me as I take communion. I’m not sure what the lesson is (if there is one) I want them to be happy in their new home. I want her to thrive because I love her. But my heart is broken, all I see is the empty space left by her and her family.


2 thoughts on “When one of your roots is pulled up…

  1. My heart is broken for you. Jen is a wonderful friend and I know she is going to miss you dearly. Hang in there my love. My prayers are with you and her.

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