Blue Sky Moments.

This morning I woke up ecstatic to see blue sky and sun. Then I looked out the window and saw snow on the ground!! Freaking snow!! This has been a tough week. The kind where a best friend moves away, another good friend’s mother dies of terminal cancer, several friends are nearly evacuated from their homes because of flooding, a dear loved one finally filled out the paper work for her divorce, not to mention Boston and Texas… Sometimes it feels like winter has parked itself over me and the ones I love, and is never going to turn to spring.


Things happen in life that seem to really blot out the sun. Make you wonder if you’ll ever see it again. But then, you get patches of blue sky. Little things that remind you there is always beauty and good in this world and that spring will surely spring eternal.

I had a lot of blue sky patches this week. So many, in fact, that I’m overwhelmed by the love. “Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you, as you deal with Jen and family moving…” from a church friend, “Just making sure you know that I love you.” on fb from a college friend (who was one of the ones dealing with the flooding) many text messages from friends and church members. Two phone calls on different days during nap time from a sister and an old friend to chat with me about motherhood, and Doctor Who, and Downton Abbey, and to let me know that they’re thinking about me and love me. A student who took me to see more of our students perform in Grease even though a group of her friends were going, and a student-turned-adult-turned-friend who stayed with my kids so I could go. A group of writers who listened to me pour out my non-writing heart and then prayed for my non-writing related life. My mother, who is taking me to Jamaica so we can be part of my best friend’s wedding. And this one (it’s going to sound crazy but is so true), a husband who ordered book shelves for me to put together because he wanted me to have something to do during my first days alone (I love those kind of puzzles btw). So many beautiful blue sky moments to shore me up and wait with me through this dark and grey time.

Scientifically Michigan must be getting closer to the sun, and just as surely I know that there is great joy ahead not just for me but for the ones I love as well. Thank you blue sky moments, thank you so much.



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