This morning started off with a beautiful thunderstorm. The best kind, the showy kind. Oh how I love a thunderstormy day. I spent the morning folding laundry and cooking and picking up the house. I even changed the sheets on my bed which always makes me feel super productive. I put the kids down for a nap and then I sat down to write…

My creative process is just well… I’m not sure I have an actual process… I’d like to get one. Oh believe me I’ve read the books and tried different things but my brain might be a little broken and it just refuses to work the way any other person’s works. So I sat down to write, to work on this little story I want to tell and nothing happened. Except that I got up twice to refill my tiny bowl of bbq chips, and once for a spoon full of peanut butter and I checked face book a couple dozen times, and I wondered if Joe Carol from The Following was really dead. Those things happened but no writing, unless you count rereading what I wrote a few days ago and changing a few words, if that counts then I did approximately five minutes of writing.

I probably need to go on a walk, walking always, well almost always, well sometimes helps to jog an idea. You see the thing is I want to tell a story that matters. Something beautiful. And I’ve never quite known how to put it into words. I read this from a book called Acceptable Words: Prayers for the writer and it says so perfectly how I feel, “These are the prayers of those who love words and who love God’s world and who love the ways in which the words and the world may come together.” YES!! That is is what I want to do, that right there!!

But it’s quite scary and there’s another two loads of laundry to be put away and well, the words are allusive. Pray for me, that I might find some acceptable words, for an acceptable story about love.


I value your comments and read every one!

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