Victory Garden Part One.

Here it is all marked out and ready to dig.

Well warm and lovely readers spring has finally found us! Hooray!! As soon as breezes become warm and trees begin to flower I start dreaming less about sewing (only a little less) and more about gardening. Oh how I love to buy plants! It’s such a rush. However, this year because I’m leaving for Jamaica (at the end of this week!) I am waiting. Waiting is a hard business.

I’m particularly proud of this idea. I stuck a clothes pin pointy ends into the ground and then pinched the twine between it to get mark out the space and make it straight.

To keep busy I am digging up earth to make ready a victory garden. I’m quite thrilled with this. I have been wanting a vegetable garden for so long, and have the perfectly shaped sunny, un-utilized spot for it, but have been afraid of the work and afraid of failure (sounds familiar doesn’t it?). Somehow Beki and I got on the topic and came up with the idea that we could put a garden in together. She has too many bunnies and deer (awww) where she lives and our kids spend a lot of time here at my house. What a great learning experience it will be for them!

Somehow doing this with a friend is less scary. There is someone to share the work load, the cost, and even the failure. If it does fail I only have to feel half as much disappointment which makes taking the tilling plunge so much more enjoyable. 

Half done. Hopefully I have the strength to finish tomorrow morning. There isn’t time to dally I haven’t even packed yet!

Right now I’m digging up the sod so we can add good soil and have it ready to plant as SOON as I get back from the tropics. We have big plans of shopping together and planting with our older kids together. I’m very happy… and tired… Holy smokes my muscles are like wobbly gelatin muscles! I actually love how it feels to be really dirty, hot, sweaty and tired. It feel like it’s honest work. Then I like to take a hot shower and sit down to blog with a cold glass of iced tea. Aaaaaah it feels amazing… right now… tomorrow when I have to get out of bed I might be thinking completely different thoughts.

I’ll keep you posted throughout the summer! Also I leave this week and I expect to be waaay too relaxed to blog or even think of blogging. I’ll see you when I get back. While I’m away I’d love comments on what summer time projects you have planned. Along with the garden I also see lots more painted furniture and cupboards in my future.


I value your comments and read every one!

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