Soupy Boob Strawberry Jam.

So, that might need more of an explanation. Travel back with me a month or so to a time Mom and I were driving back from the airport. Just having survived a flight over the ocean, an incredibly long layover, an hour wait on the tarmac in a ninety degree plane, getting off the plane and trekking across the airport to another plane, we embarked on our two hour drive home. We were tired and at this point I had crossed over the threshold to super silly tired.

We were playing a game where in you sing a tune but change the words taking turns with the lines. The tune was “Where Are You Christmas” The words were something like:  “Where are you Battle Creek? I need to find you, why are far awaaaaay.” Then mom sang “Our eyes are droopy…” Then comes my turn but mom’s already taken the word “droopy” I can’t use it again and I sang “Our boobs are…” the next word was “soupy”. I have no idea why, and I got to giggling so hard I couldn’t talk. Mom kept asking “My boobs are what? My boobs are what?” I was crying, I was laughing so hard.

Fast forward to yesterday. Dear Sarah came over from Chicago because we were going to make strawberry jam with lovely local berries. We went to the store to get our supplies but we went late. We went at bedtime so we could go with out kids. It was probably too late. This was our list: jars, sure-gell, sugar, oranges, cherry soda (not for the jam of course) and ice cream (also not for the jelly). Our grocery stores let us down people, they really let us down. Stop one Meijers: They had oranges, soda, sure-gell but were out of jars and ice cream. So we put everything away and go to…Stop two Walmart (blech): They had ice cream, jars, oranges but no pectin and soda (why did we put everything back at meijers why?!) Stop three: back to Meijers. By now I’m getting punchy, and silly, and hungry and I’m telling Sarah the “Soupy Boob” Story and I’m singing and laughing and she’s laughing and then we stop because we’ve had kids and we know that at this late hour, there’s a danger of wetting our pants.

Beautiful local strawberries. Sanitizing the jars. Jelly!

Any way, long story short (too late) we made jam today. It was so successful we’re making more tomorrow. We used a lot of guidelines but made up our own recipe and I’m super happy with it. Oh boy is there any thing more vintage and beautiful then homemade jam? And with the two of us working it’s been so fun and really easy. I suggest making your jam with a friend, I think that’s the secret ingredient…love… and songs about soupy boobs, which is what I’ve now dubbed our super delicious jam; Soupy Boob Jam.


4 thoughts on “Soupy Boob Strawberry Jam.

  1. So fun! Canning and/or jam making really can result in some great memories and chuckles like this. I’ll never forget the summer’s spent canning everything from peaches to applesauce with my mom (and sometimes grandmas) when I was a little girl.

    Wishing you a weekend as sweet as your strawberry jam, dear lady!
    ♥ Jessica

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