Oh Summer Where For Art Thou?

This I have discovered is a familiar theme in my life: A favorite time of year approaches, I gleefully make a million plans, favorite time of year arrives, I am stressed out by so many plans and the fact that favorite time of year is racing by with dizzying speeds.

So is my summer. It’s barely begun and I feel like it’s over already! Problem being that there’s so much to do and it’s all stuff I really love. Some people are really good at living in the moment, I am not one of those people. Without sufficient time in front of my sewing machine, to process my life, I seem to fall into a cycle of stress and despair! Oh my!

Have I mentioned how much I love these girls! We ate at Ryebelles probably the coolest outdoor seating I ever experienced!

I am trying very hard to cherish each day. And sometimes I’m really good at it. Yesterday I had a slight panic attack in the middle of the grocery store and scared my husband. It helps to talk about the things I’ve done and loved. One of those things was the beach. I took a van full of high school and college aged girls to Lake Michigan, my favorite place in the world. It was so freezing cold I did not even go in the water! Last year it rained almost the entire time (one of only two days of rain we got). So in seize the day fashion we shopped the cute downtown instead. Take that cold summer! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, I will seize that day too, damn it! And today, today is a nothing day, a day for blogging and writing and maybe, just maybe a tiny bit of sewing. I feel better already!


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