We Garden For Victory.

The garden experiment is going well. Really well actually, I mean all the plants are still alive. Victory! Way back when I planned this little plot of earth I asked (one of) my artist sisters if she would paint me a “Victory Garden” sign. I don’t see any reason why even my vegetables can’t have a vintage flare, and you know my love of the 1940’s to be especially strong. 

World War II propaganda poster.

This is what she came up with and I love it! It’s perfect. On reclaimed wood and all rustic looking. It’s surprising how much this little sign adds the perfect little personality to our little garden.

The back side says “We Garden For Victory” which is something that popped up on posters over and over. Also isn’t my sister just the prettiest thing?

I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying this entire process. When we harvested our first green beans I was way more excited then one ought to be. Little cute gardeners are helping the process to be so sweet. They’re amazed at everything that grows and they even eat some of it. A side project to the garden that’s been surprisingly successful are these little gardening journals. We decorated them and put a chart in the back to keep track of how much we harvest and then an individual page for each vegetable to record our observations on how each plant grows, looks, tastes and feels. The kids really like this process and it’s been so fun to watch them think critically about the food we’re growing.










So far this garden has been victorious, we’ll see how it finishes up. But for now, I’m discovering that I’ve got a bit of my papa’s DNA in the gardening love after all. I’ll be traveling next week (live plants live) I’ll try to post but you know how vacations can be! I hope your summer is going great!



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