Getting Back into the Swing of Things.

I love being home, with my dog, garden and sewing machine. But it’s always hard to come back from vacation, even a simple one visiting family. What? You want me to… cook dinner… gulp! I have this thing called, laundry?! GASP! Needless to say it takes a bit to put everything back in order.

I finished this before I left as a Thank You to my mom for Jamaica. I thought she turned out adorable.

Instead of jumping right into boring things like closet organization I decided to start a new sewing project. And because I feel like summer is fleeting and I need a pick me up I decided to make myself a costume! I’ve never had a costume as an adult before and IF I finish it before Vacation Bible School I’ll be able to wear it there (this years theme is a Kingdom/ castle theme). If I don’t finish it in time for that there’s always halloween.

Do you think I’ll look that renaissance cool when I’m finished?

I also whipped up a couple more baprons for friends of ours that are expecting and I’m really feeling motivated to start sewing a bit for Christmas… but… we’ll see how that actually pans out.

Hopefully I’ll have more to share soon!

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