Sometimes I realize how very blessed I am. I mean, I always know that I’m blessed but sometimes it sort of overtakes me and leaves me breathless. How often in life do we just blunder through without realizing that there’s magic all around us? Instead of looking for it in the big giant things of life maybe it’s permeating the little everyday things. 

The blue of the sky, the big white clouds. The sparrows in my bird bath, my window boxes filled to overflowing. Every Zucchini I pick, magic.

The sound of children, my children, in summer running and yelling; spilling over the steps eating popsicles. It reminds me so poignantly of my own childhood.

The magic in the long evenings and the lightning bugs and the breeze blowing in through the windows. Toast with homemade jam, and hot coffee and soft rain falling, falling, falling.

It’s the magic in the every day that makes my heart soar. How is it that I get to be part of it all? My home and family and dog and all of it so special. Thank you readers for being part of it too. For the little piece of internet that we can visit together. Thank you.

The kids and I picked the vegetables from our garden. Then we made soup together, the bread is zucchini bread, also from our garden (made by a friend). It was awesome

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