What’s the Opposite of Magic?

After last weeks post where I waxed on about the beauty in life, this week as been rather less beautiful. Nothing of the super tragic nature but a lot of less-then-pleasantness. It all started with a leaking basement which was from our less-then-brandnew-fridge while we were on vacation. Luckily a friend of ours came to the rescue and disconnected the offending ice maker… which, then led to more leaking behind the fridge because it was actually a corroded pipe. 

Friends how long has it been since you’ve cleaned behind the fridge? That task (which included ripping up the tile because there was so much water fell to me. At this point I was very positive about it all. Scrubbing Bubbles worked miracles and my fridge, stove, and walls haven’t been this clean since…ever! Look at my shiny stove, just look! I would say I felt rather good about myself cleaning up that mess, like a victorious housewife, like my husband completely won the lottery by marrying me.

Then we had the offending pipe fixed, for zero dollars! Huzza! This is all in the midst of Vacation Bible School by the way, which means I’m really tired, my kids are REALLY tired, my husband is gone more then he’s here (being the director of VBS and all). I’m still doing really well. Dealing with it all, enjoying being in the snack room with other adult ladies every night, getting to do a puppet show for cute little kids…

Then my husband wakes me up late last night to tell me that when they turned the water off to the house to fix the pipe something happened and now the new carpeting is soaked and it’s leaking out of the shutoff valve so maybe I shouldn’t flush the toilet…

I’m starting to feel it. Starting to feel the wear the stress, the… how do you even clean up wet carpeting? The plumbers will TRY and fit us in today, tomorrow at the latest and oh meanwhile the only dish that will fit under the pipe is so little I have to empty it every thirty minutes. You know how in a book or movie you can see something coming? You can see the breaking point a mile off? My breaking point was only minutes away and do you know what it was?

A booger. A disgusting booger that some little kid had wiped on the wall in MY sewing room. Dried on. I had to scrape it off. This was the magic of a different sort. Wherein I think black smoke spewed from my eyes and my demon voice demanded that the children come look at it and I said to them in my deepest most threatening tone “DON’T EVER, EVER PUT BOOGERS ON MY WALLS OR MY FURNITURE AGAIN!” They seemed scared. 

So, I’m not sure what the lesson is here. Of course life is plenty beautiful. And all these problems are caused by the fact that I have hot running water in my house which millions of people don’t. I’m thankful for that. VBS is nearly over, and I’ll be both relieved and sad to see it go. I guess it’s just that life is awesome and sometimes it’s not, or at least sometimes mixed in with the magic is…boogers…

Heddgie one of the cutest woodland creatures from the “Forest of Good”.  A dog wearing a robin hood hat should cheer you up. We made the background for the puppet theater, yes we included a flying TARDIS.

One thought on “What’s the Opposite of Magic?

  1. ” I would say I felt rather good about myself cleaning up that mess, like a victorious housewife, like my husband completely won the lottery by marrying me”
    This was great and encouraging. A good reminder.

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