Vacation Time!

Want to know a secret? My little family has never been on vacation! Sort of, that’s kind of misleading. Brian and I have taken romantic trips together and the boys and I have traveled to Maryland to see the family and we’ve all gone on giant family vacations. But we’ve never taken a few days just the four of us. Time gets away from you I guess and when the kids are really little it just seems like more work then it’s worth…

VBS is over! Camp is over! Brian’s Mission trip is over! So we decided to take a vacation and I’m so happy. We rented a little cabin on the shores of Lake Michigan. I’m hoping to spend three days at the beach and eating out and playing games as a family. Today is all about packing and shopping for the trip. Of course I need to make cookies to take. This is why I’m posting today and not on my usual Thursday. Just to tell you I’ll be gone and out of touch (no internet where I’m headed).

I picked these peaches right off the tree, they are delicious! A beautiful stack of jars. My sun and hat and book are ready to go!

Also I made peach jam, Peach Bourbon Jam to be exact. And I canned it! So fun, my kitchen is really sticky. Making jam is surprisingly easy. Not super fast but I made and canned two batches in an afternoon. If you like the pretty look of homemade things in jars then I suggest you give it a try. If anyones interested I could certainly post the recipe, just let me know in the comments.

I hope you have some great relaxing time on the horizon as well.


I value your comments and read every one!

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