I feel a bit lonesome today. I’m missing people and feeling listless. Truth is I feel this way every year at this time. I’m always sad to see summer go and this year’s summer was a bit on the cold side. Sometimes I’m ready for relief from the heat but this year I just want to hold onto the long evenings. I want to hold onto my babies too. My youngest is going to start preschool and he’s so excited. I’m excited on the outside, I’m nervous and sad on the inside. I’m  looking forward to some quiet and moving along with my goals as a writer but still…

When I see those geese winging south, and I watch my kids going back to school, it feels like everything is moving on but me. Melodramatic, I know, and the feeling passes once we’re in a new rhythm and I’m overwhelmed with Christmas projects and the beauty of Autumn holds me in it’s spell.

For now I just sit mournful as the summer days march by with dizzying speed. I fight internal anger when I see all the “back to school” displays, and I snuggle with my youngest as often as he’ll let me. Thank goodness he’s a snuggler or I wouldn’t be able to cope.

Most people bring tshirts back as souvenirs. I brought back raspberries and made more jam! Pickled veggies too. I hope to fill this cupboard with canned goods. I still have blueberry pie filling to make and cherry preserves. My bed where I just want to stay. This pillowcase really calls out to the inner nine year old in me.

3 thoughts on “NO SUMMER DON’T GO!!!!

  1. I understand this completely I am not a fan of winter at all and this summer has not been a great one but it wasn’t snow so I have to call that good! Every time someone says that they can’t wait for winter to come I just want to slap them! 🙂

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