Sort of Big News.

Have you ever noticed if you start any sort of announcement with the words “Big News” people immediately think your pregnant? Well, if your a lady any way. I am NOT pregnant which is why I said “sort of”. It’s the kind of news that’s big for me. The reason I’m bringing it up is because it’s partly to do with you lovely readers!

I was contacted by my favorite local shop, (a sweet fabric shop I once-upon-a-time wrote about here on the blog) to see if I was interested in coming to work for them as their social media correspondent (I actually made that title up because it sounds so fancy and helps explain what I’ll be doing). So basically they want me to help maintain their website, work with Pinterest, Instagram etc AND (cue trumpet fanfare here) write blog posts for the store.

Seems the owner likes my blog and wants that sort of thing (all sewing related of course) for the store’s blog. This means that I am now a “professional” blogger. Doesn’t that just sound so COOL?!! I know this isn’t walking on the moon, but it’s a big step for me and something that I think will look good on my “writing platform”. I’ll be doing little project posts for them and news from the shop and that sort of thing, hopefully with my own style and voice.

This blog will go on as before, it is my original writing love after all. No worries on that front. I am a bit nervous though. It’s been a long long time since I’ve done any work outside my home. What if I don’t live up to her expectations? What if I can’t learn the stores website (I am not the techiest of people)? What if it’s all too much? I could use your good thoughts and prayers.

Overall I’m excited. I was crazy excited Saturday when it all came about. Since then I’ve actually done some work with inventory that sort of brought me back to earth lol. Oh I almost forgot the best part; I get a discount on fabric!!!!! SQUEAL!! 

It got so much worse then this. So so so much worse.

I met with Sue and took the position Saturday. Then Sunday, I sat down to my sewing machine to actually sew and the machine stops. Thread from the extra spool got sucked into the machine, wrapped around the belts and gummed up the entire machine. I had to take the entire case off the machine. It was TERRIBLE I just kept thinking “no no no I get paid to sew now.” I do not suggest you try to fix this problem (that could really only happen to me) yourself, however, I was in a hurry and went down the rabbit hole of taking out screws. I actually got it back together and barely kept from crying, but she’s nearly good as new. Only ended up with one extra nut… Any way if your curious you can check out Sew Unique Threads here or The Sew Unique blog here, lots of inspiration to come!


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