New Obsessions.

I’m not sure you can say it’s a new obsession if it’s something you’ve been kicking around inside your head for the last couple of years, but it hasn’t been until recently that I decided I would allow myself to fall, headfirst, into the actual obsessing over… You see some things I just catch a bug for out of nowhere other things I consider before becoming silly.

Folks I’m talking about Glamping. It all started two years ago when the RV dealer up the road was selling a reproduction airstream in cherry red. It caught my eye right away and as we passed the place almost daily I began to refer to it as “my camper” only it was so expensive you might as well buy a vacation home. So when it sold I was sort of relieved, I mean camping is a lot of work…


Unfortunately the seed had been planted. Not to buy a new camper, of course, but to get a really junky old one super cheap and restore it. I suppressed these urges for as long as possible but recently I decided you can only half dream about something so long, until you just need to accept that your getting stranger and embrace your new oddities (come out of the tiny camper closet as it were). The thing that pushed me over the edge was the realization that a little camper could not only be a great (cheap?) family getaway but the best little writer’s retreat. I could just go to the lake for a couple of days and write write write. The amazingly retro redo photos on Pinterest haven’t helped either.


You may be thinking that this post is going to end with a pic of me standing in front of my new-to-me camper. No, I haven’t found one yet! Online they’re too expensive even if they need a lot of work. I’m hoping to find one in some farmers front yard for sale really cheap or something. Spread the word!

The reason I’m sharing is because ideas for paint, and reupholstered camp chairs is all I can think about! I’m having a hard time falling asleep because I keep thinking, “Oh teal would be cute.” and “Oh my, wouldn’t a union jack theme be so amazing!” and “I’ll have to make sure there’s a cute tea pot in there, maybe yellow?” Seriously folks I need help! I can’t stop looking at pics online! I only half payed attention to face off last night because I was researching the difference between a Shasta camper and a Serro-Scotty trailer.


Oh well, what I can I say? I’d love to hear what your obsessed with these days. Especially if it will either get my mind off my imaginary camper, or make me feel better about myself!



5 thoughts on “New Obsessions.

  1. I seriously saw one of these campers at Discount Tire today! I am not sure if it was for sale (I honestly didn’t look too close) or not. That is just too funny!

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