And the Winner is…

Jodi! Thank you so much everyone who left a comment. I really do enjoy reading them so much. Jodi just pick out which owl/colors you like the best and I’ll mail it out to you in a semi-maybe-quick fashion. Email me your address at jessieheninger@hotmail.com



Those herbs are from my own potted herb garden and I put them in with my tea to help my sore throat. Lemon balm, thyme, and peppermint; it was strange because first it would sting/burn and then it would go numb. Herbal things are so fascinating aren’t they? First homemade bread of the fall. There is nothing that smells better then home-baking bread, not even roses. That is a peanut butter dog medicine face that I thought was funny (that’s the way I see things lol) and finally sometimes my super clean sewing desk turns into a blogging desk!

This past weekend was very nice. Friday, two girlfriends came over and we chatted and hung out in my super cleaned sewing room while one of them took pictures for a story I’m doing on sewing spaces. Then we watched Firefly and Doctor Who and ate chocolate chip cookies and if that doesn’t make for a perfect night I don’t know what does. My parents are here now and tonight we’re going to the fair. Bliss. More on that later I’m sure.

Hope your week is filled with crisp breezes, turning leaves, and apple cider!


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