My parents and sister were here last week to celebrate SuperH’s birthday. It’s sort of our tradition to go to the fair together because with their business they can’t be here for his parties. I love it! It’s so personal and fun and different. And I simply adore the fair. I don’t know why except to say I feel like I could be one of those fair people with the right training and experience I could totally raise rabbits and ducks and make quilts and flower arrangements. Oh I love the way it looks and feels and tastes (I guess the smell’s the only thing I don’t really like). 

I LOVE bunnies and ducks! Someday when I live on my little lakeside farm I will have both.

It was tough when my family left this time. I’m not sure why, we had a lovely visit. Usually the kids are grumpy coming off a grandparent high but this time it was me and the dog who were out of sorts. When my parents are here I’ll admit that I, too, get spoiled. We eat out a lot and go places during the day and my mom bought me expensive fabric… Now it’s all “hey what are we having for dinner?” and “Do I have any clean socks?” and “Did you make a grocery list?” Seriously the nerve of some people…

The kids think the fair is for rides and elephant ears. They think my fascination with the 4H barnes is weird. What can I say I like looking at all the canned foods.

ImageAny way, things are getting back to normal. Brian and I dug our way out from under the enormous laundry pile and it’s cooled off so cooking is more fun. I even made my first apple pie of the season, though I was out of cinnamon and had to grind a cinnamon stick by hand (that totally sucked). I’m still feeling nervous about balancing all my projects and new endeavors but I feel that with time I’ll adjust (oh I hope so).

Grandparents might be the best thing we ever experience…

I’m really looking forward to apple picking and making some sauce to can for Christmas. Things are moving along although I was hoping it would slow down a bit after summer but it doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down at all! Conster brought me a Christmas book to read for story time today… yikes!

Also a side note. On the shop blog I recently did a feature on my sewing room. My friend Bethany took the pictures with her swanky camera and they are gorgeous. I wanted to print one off and put it in a locket. Sew Unique Threads if your interested in seeing some beautiful room pics (I know I always love those).

Happy thoughts friends. What are you up to this season?


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  1. We had so much fun. The boys are so good and we really look forward to this day as much as you and the boys do. Missing you all so very much!

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