On Being the Mother to a Seven Year Old.

I had no idea my husband would end up being the weird uncle of the family. Brian turns really goofy when the nephews and nieces are around.

I swear I am not that old. Certainly not old enough to have a seven year old, but I swear it wasn’t scandalous either… Oh well, I guess life just speeds by faster and faster on a large scale and on a small scale. Every week when I sit down to write my post for Confessions I’m happy (because I love doing it) and shocked that another week is over!

Brian and I have decided to really try and scale back on birthdays. We still want them to be special but do they need to cost us hundreds of dollars? We’ve decided to do the big party thing at 1yr, 5yr, 10yr, and 16yrs. The other years are going to be more low key but that doesn’t mean there any less special.

Good neighbors and good friends.
At least this ones not seven…yet…
Hay ride with cousins
pumpkin people
That’s how a lady eats cake!

This year I made a plain (but delicious) homemade cake, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting per H’s request, (and I wasn’t stressed out about it at all, since it didn’t have like a million parts) and we took it out to our favorite local place (beside sew unique of course) Station 66 (I did an entire post about them way back click here)ImageImageImageImageImage

Sunday was morning mingle where we celebrate all the bdays from the month. That’s an action shot of my husband and son leading the song.

They’re so sweet they took us all on a hay ride (for really cheap) and we bought ice cream cones. The hay ride was nice and long with a great view of the pumpkin fields and these creepy pumpkin people in different scenes all over (kids loved those).

The funny thing is Hunter came up to me later and said “Mom this was a great birthday.” I mean wow, you don’t have to spend tons of money to make the day special. He then followed it up with, “See this card Ms. Jeannie got me, it’s cooler then the card you got me.” Ahhh seven this is going to be fun…


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