Lovely Autumn

The weather here has turned from so very damp and gloomy to gloriously sunny. I actually like a little rainy weather (I’ll like it better when I have my someday fireplace) but we were  getting too much, I was beginning to suffer from lack of vitamin D! But now, oh, it’s so beautiful. There are things about all the seasons I love, but is there anything more gorgeous then a golden fall? I can never decide if I like it better then spring, I think if I wasn’t constantly dreading snow then it would definitely be my favorite. 








Last night we went to my boss’s house to pick apples. She had told me they had too many and to come by. I had no idea, last year the apple crop in Michigan was so sad, but this year there’s so many they look like they’re growing in a bunch like grapes. We picked three grocery bags full and we didn’t make a dent. The property is beautiful, it’s honestly what I dream about having someday, and the sunlight was at that magic angle. Everything glowed and the trees were so full of fruit… I wish I could describe how beautiful and magical it was but there is no way words could do it justice. Except to say it was such a beautiful hour the children didn’t even fight!Image



I’ll be making and canning applesauce, something I enjoy doing and eating, plus it will look so nice next to my jars of homemade jam. However, that’s on hold, I had to order a new apple corer peeler because there is just no way I have the time to do all of those with a pairing knife! I’m really starting to build up quite the collection of funky kitchen tools, makes me feel like a regular farmer’s wife… without the farm…


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