I feel like it’s been raining forever. Like it’s always been raining, my entire life. I know this isn’t true, my very last post was all about the beautiful golden sun… ahhhh…. I hate that I am so sensitive to my environment. I really am though, I have to make an extra special effort when it’s been gloomy for a few days. Which is why winter is so hard for me. It’s easier for me when I’m making myself find things that I’m thankful about and with November around the corner (is that possible?) I’ve decided to start doing one of those grateful Facebook posts every day. But, instead of writing something on Facebook I’m going to use Instagram and give it a hashtag (that’s # and just makes it easier to search for things). Will you join me? For the month of November post a pic on Facebook or Instagram or the social media of your choice, then just add #grateful, no other explanation needed. I’m not waiting for November we’re so close anyway here’s what I’m thankful for today:


Last night we went to the Zoo Boo and it was damp and cold and really fun. Conster was thrilled by every little piece of candy and every game he played. He thought the “spooky” train ride was awesome. He just thought everything was awesome! Which, honestly is awesome!! It’s probably bad that a pastors wife would love Halloween so much, but I do, I love it! I like costumes, candy, fall time, pumpkins… It’s just good fun! The boys thought it was neat that I dressed up and I’m glad that this is a way I can play with them. It makes Brian nervous that I might come out of the Cosplay closet.. and I might… I’ve always loved dressing up. Renaissance fair here we come!


I finished a regular dress today that I’m not at all pleased with. I blogged about it on the shop blog (here) if your interested in reading about the frustrations of sewing your own clothes, but hey at least the Archer Girl Costume turned out cool. Maybe I’ll wear that to this weekend’s writer’s conference instead? Oh yea, I’m going to a conference this weekend, I’m excited and nervous, I love love love my writer’s group and we’re going together. I’m nervous because the longer I’m with people the more likely it is that my nerd will come out… I suppose they have a pretty good idea who I really am by now, lets just hope they still want to eat cookies with me twice a month when this is over.


I value your comments and read every one!

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