There Once Was a Writing Conference…

And while other people were pouring over the list of speakers and workshops, I was cutting out the pieces to a new dress to wear. While other attendees were reading books of authors that were to be featured I was sewing pieces of fabric together. And, while other people were planning on who to speak with I was shopping for a new cardigan to wear over my new made dress.

Because, that’s how I roll. It was actually the combination of wanting to look cute and hoping to get this one agent (who shall rename nameless on the off chance she actually reads this) to notice me. That’s right readers I was stitching together an elaborate scheme to get her to talk to me, you know instead of actually going up to her on my own… I realize that it’s a bit on the crazy side but I’ve met this woman twice and both times it was because I was wearing something that I’d made (last year it was the rain jacket) and hey the more times we connect the better right?


Alas my scheme did not work. It could be because the dress isn’t flattering. I’m not sure I just can’t decide what I think about it. When it’s styled with cute boots and a cardigan I think it looks cute in the mirror but then if I see a picture of me wearing it I think I look like a bus. It’s a little disconcerting and I’m worried that my mom and sisters don’t want to tell me the truth because they don’t want to hurt my feelings.

A year ago three of us met at this conference and we’ve been writing together ever since.

The conference, however, was good. Different then last year, but still inspiring and butt kicking and I got to spend some time with the girls from my writer’s group and reconnect with a few people from last year. It was great. It’s funny, actually, my favorite part was the ride home. The sun was shining and the leaves were glowing and we finally had a chance to just unpack what we’d learned. That led to opening up about characters that we’ve written and ideas we have and that just led to the most warm feeling. I wanted the ride to be longer and I think that’s a good sign. I think they’ll still want to eat cookies with me after all. 



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