I’m in the midst of packing for a week long trip with my mom and sisters, my house is a wreck and I was sick all week. But, you know what? I’m thankful. Thankful that I have such a supportive and understanding husband, thankful that I seem to be at the tail end of this head cold, thankful that despite everything I was able to get all the apples canned in some form or another.

There really isn’t any other way to express how I feel except to say “I’m grateful” and I am. This life with it’s ups and downs is my life and I love… (I’m sorry I just had to squish a bug on my keyboard!) I love my life in all it’s dirty tissue, messy floors, beautiful way. 

I hope no matter how bleak (and I know that there are those of us that are really struggling) there are still things to be grateful for. This is a reminder post about the #grateful picture project for November. The idea is to post a picture on face book or Instagram with the tag #grateful. This is about being thankful not about being legalistic so if you forget a day here or there don’t beat yourself up over it. But, over the month of November I’d love to see as many grateful pics as I can. I may even feature a few on the blog now and then.

This image turned out a little dark. But I’m grateful for the jars of jellies, and apple butters, and apple sauce I was blessed to can this year. Especially the apples as they were all free from my lovely boss’s trees. #grateful.

Happy photographing and happy posting. I’m grateful for you readers and I can’t wait to see what makes your lives sweet.


I value your comments and read every one!

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