Home Sweet Home…

Chores icky chores…

I’m home from a very delightful vacation. I was ready to come home, I missed my boys so much, BUT, I wasn’t ready to face the laundry and dishes and dinners… On vacation someone else cooks me all my meals and, frankly, it’s lovely. I was quite proud of myself too, as I drove alone to the airport and got on a plane and arrived in the correct destination by myself. This is not a big accomplishment for most, but for a introverted homebody like myself (leaving the house at 5am, I might add) this was a well earned victory.

The four of us in front of the Tikki Birds, which is a delightfully vintage show with singing birds.
This is a window display in Hollywood studios. Thirties seamstress manikin with sewing odds and ends…It’s like Disney read my mind!
Same window.

Many years ago, the summer I was engaged, my family went to Disney World and every where I looked there were couples in love. This time I was there with my mom and sisters. (Not the normal place for a girls week away but one that suits my family perfectly.) And what I saw was well behaved children everywhere, and oh how it made me long for my boys and made me wonder if a family trip to the most magical place in the world would be feasible (still checking into that).


This was a tour of some research gardens at epcot. Honestly this was one of my favorite things, it was so neat!

Something really wonderful and new happened while I was away. I really really missed my kids. I’m not usually gone this long and mostly I enjoy the time away knowing they’re in safe hands with their dad. But this time I missed them with a deep ache. It was comforting to feel this way to realize that I am well and truly blessed with children I enjoy (not that there’s anything wrong with a  break now and then, it reminds us and them what we have). Of course it doesn’t help when your four year old asks you in his cutest squeakiest voice “mama are you weady to come home?”, how could I be anything but? I am so grateful for this uninterrupted time with my mom and sisters but I am more grateful to have a warm cozy home filled with my boys to come home too.

One of my sisters sipping Cherry Cokes at the Scifi Cafe (my favorite restaurant in all the Disney parks).

After digging my house out of a week off, and raking leaves it’s time to bust into full on Christmas sewing. I can barely believe it, but the most magical trip is being followed up with the most magical time of the year. Wozers, and hit the ground running I suppose.


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