Just Regular Stuff.

In the blogging world it’s quite well known that it’s important to be consistent in your blogging. If your readers expect that you’ll post on Thursdays make sure you do… Yesterday I fell asleep during nap time and I forgot to post to the blog. I woke up at three in the morning and realized that I hadn’t posted. I’m sorry. I’ll blame it on the Christmas rush though I’ve actually done a fair job of pairing down this year. The last couple years I’ve been sewing on Christmas eve day and wrapping Christmas eve. I don’t anticipate that happening this year…

My youngest son (the one on the bottom) at his first school holiday program. I always cry at the children’s programs. I can’t help it.

I made some Christmas pillows and stockings which I posted about on the Sew Unique Shop Blog if your interested (the stocking post includes a free downloadable pattern if your looking to make your own) click Here and Here. Since the boys have never embraced the jammies I made for them I’m not bothering with it this year, probably, unless I stop by Joann’s and fabrics really cheap, that kind of thing happens to me sometimes… What I have been up to is really trying to finish knitting a pair of fingerless gloves. I started them last year and made so many mistakes. My dear friend and knitting tutor Mary had to rip out almost an entire glove (I couldn’t do it) I’d say I finally turned the corner with it only to discover that the second one is about a million times better looking then the first one so now I’m remaking the first one. I started that one last night but asked my husband a math question which led to me not having the correct amount of stitches in my needles. Oh well, at least I didn’t get that far this time.

The one on the right is the good looking one. I still need help doing the thumbs.

Tonight is the staff Christmas dinner which I am very much looking forward to, I’d like to wear this skirt I made last year but the self covered buttons keep popping off and I don’t have any more fabric. Then tomorrow is our annual Christmas shopping day with Megan and Sarah, I got a new coat and hat to wear and am very excited.

So that’s whats in the works for me. How about you readers, you in the midst of the rush or are you able to relax and enjoy the season?


I value your comments and read every one!

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