New Year New Ideas.

Another year is gone, hard to believe really and I’m shocked to think of all that’s happened. I started writing for a magazine, the magazine then folded and went under (not because of me I hope) I became a professional blogger and social media coordinator for my favorite local fabric shop, and of course so many little beautiful wonderful things in my day to day life, and oh yeah I went to Jamaica AND Disney world (thanks mom!). 


I’m not really one to make a bunch of resolutions as I’m terrible at keeping them, but I do have goals (which somehow seem different to me). I want to be a more present mom, to spend quality time with my boys and take the time to enjoy them. I want to expand my blog and talk about some things that have been really close to my heart (more on that soon). I want to put myself out there in the publishing world, at least a little. AND I am launching a bit of a sewing side business.



To start I am going to take orders to make my messenger bags. People are always complimenting me and my sister on our nerdtastic bags and it occurred to me that I might be able to sell them in order to fund my biannual trip to this writer’s conference which will make me better at my craft of writing. It’s an exciting concept to use my love of sewing to help fund my love of writing, I’m hopeful to see where it might lead.


We’re going totally low tech to start. No etsy shop or Facebook store. Just contact me by commenting here, Facebook messenger or my email, jessieheninger@hotmail.com. I might start an online shop if there’s enough interest but I wanted to test the waters first. The bags are a smaller messenger style bag. Big enough to hold your tablet or small laptop but not as big as a brief case (you can fit a lot in these bags, books, journals, magazines, oh yea a wallet); finished dimensions are roughly 10” wide x 12” tall. There are two internal pockets to stash things like your chap stick and cell phone. I can make them in nearly any genre you like. Comic books, forest friends, Star Trek, Star Wars (some of the Star Wars fabric glows!)… Here is a link to some fabrics that are available but if you have something else in mind contact me and let me see what I can do the fabric world is always changing and the beauty of these is how one-of-a-kind they can be.

These are just some fabric ideas. Check out my Pinterest board for more or contact me if your looking for something specific. The above fabrics are subject to availability.

$35 dollars is the cost. Let me know if your interested and by all means spread the word. Happy New Year friends I can’t wait to see where 2014 leads.


3 thoughts on “New Year New Ideas.

  1. Hi Jesse. I am a friend of Heather and your mom’s. I help out at the inn from time to time. I am always admiring Heather and Courtney’s messenger bags. I would love one. I will start looking through some fabrics….how will i ever choose…i remember when Courtney was trying to decide. Let me know about payment arrangements. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully one day meeting you and your guys. I hear about them all the time!

    1. Oh I should also let you know that $35 is for the fabrics that I can source easier. If you choose a fabric from spoon flower (like Courtney did) the cost is a little higher because the fabrics are more expensive around $43. Fabric from Joanns or fabric.com etc should stay at $35. Again thank you for your interest and I can’t wait to make you an original!

      > Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 14:32:20 +0000 > To: jessieheninger@hotmail.com >

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