Fourteen Days of Valentines… sort of…

For several years I’ve done a project called 14 days of Valentines where February 1-14 I do a little project and blog about it. It’s really fun and crazy and this year I’m doing it a bit different. I can’t take the pressure of doing something every single day and blogging every single day, especially considering I’m blogging for Sew Unique too so I’m doing 14 days of valentine’s but I’m not blogging every day, and I might miss a day here or there. However, since the points to show the people around me I love them, and to spread as much pink and red as possible I don’t think a missing day here or there is a bad thing.

Feb 1: I took down the xmas decorations. What’s that, it doesn’t count? Oh well, I was officially taking down Christmas to make way for spring… Okay so day one I’m off to a rough start.

Feb 2: I made a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, for the Super Bowl party. And while that’s not exactly Valentine’s I do love the youth group so we’ll say it counts, plus the cake was chocolate. Here is the original pin. It was good but very rich. I will be making the cake again just maybe not the frosting.

Feb 3: I went out to breakfast with my husband. And while that might not sound like much, it was. We haven’t been out alone together for weeks and with all those snow days… it was a well deserved breakfast.

Feb 4: I made these cute little change purses. You can find the tutorial and pattern HERE. Once I figured the directions out they went together really quickly and used up little bits of fabric. I made these for my coffee club girls. I’ve gushed about them before, but these girls warm my heart so much. They’re delightful and mature and sweet and they never make me feel like an old fuddy duddy and accept all my silliness. Plus it’s just such an honor to get to see these girls become women, it’s seriously the best!




Feb 5: I made Valentine’s pajamas. You can see more pictures and read about the pattern and fabric on the shop blog HERE if your interested. They turned out all right, a bit big and Brian thinks they look like an old timey men’s swimsuit, just add a flat straw hat. I think he’s right and we both find it amusing. They will be very breezy and comfy in warm weather though. I was just hoping they’d be a bit cuter, or more flattering…sigh…ImageImage

Feb 6: Today is my writer’s group and I made these bookmarks. Aren’t they cute? Here’s the link if you want to make your own. What better way to tell a writer that you love them? Seriously though this group is a really bright spot in my month and I’m always flying high when I come home from our time together. It’s crazy all the writing books say to join a critique group and it has made the biggest difference in my writing and confidence.

ImageSo that’s this week. I don’t now if I can keep up the pace, but I do enjoy all the little projects. And, in case your thinking that Valentine’s is a silly Hallmark Holiday, your wrong! St. Valentine’s was killed for marrying couples in secret because it was against the law. So I say the least we can do is spread a little love around. Any way, leave a comment on my blog any time until the 14th and you’ll be entered in my giveaway, where you could receive your own piece of pink or red or sparkly love.

I’d love to hear your ideas of other Valentine projects. Or your own funny Valentine stories. 


14 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentines… sort of…

  1. As always, your blog is such a delight. I happen to love Valentines day. Not only is it a day to celebrate love but it also happens to be my birthday! Happy Valentine’s Day:-)

  2. Love reading your writing! Also love the change purses and book marks! Genius! And as far as the jammies, Adorable! Good job Jessie

  3. so cute. Making way for spring should always be a part of Valentines. I always thought this was the countdown to spring. Green and warmth will be here soon……..I hope

  4. Your pajamas reminded me of the episode of HIMYM, where Lily punishes Ted by making him wear a red and white striped old timey swimsuit. They’re so adorable and I’d definitely rock one myself. Love you and miss you bunches!

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