Fourteen Days of Valentine’s Week Two.

Friday: We had a snow day and my little charge was sick so it ended up just being me and my boys. For all the complaining about ANOTHER snow day it actually turned out to be really nice. We made homemade dog treats together. I LOVE my Ranger, he’s the only person under this roof that adores me and is more excited to see me then to see Brian. Brian is awesome don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to be adored the most by someone.


Saturday and Sunday: I sort of forgot and was making things but not giving them out that day. Oops.

Monday: We surprised the boys by picking them up from school and taking them straight to the movies to the see “The Lego Movie” Popcorn for dinner! We enjoyed the movie and even though the day ended with them whining “why can’t we play video games?” “we just watched a two hour movie” “but that’s not fair…” hopefully what they remember is the fun movie surprise.

Tuesday: I bought cute little individual cakes from our local bakery for my coffee club girls. I forgot to take pics.

Wednesday: I put together these valentines for SuperH’s class party tomorrow (which I’m going to and am quite nervous for. I can get sort of awkward around other moms. Think positive thoughts for me). This was actually SuperH’s idea. He wanted a “heart, with an arrow, like at the end of Robin Hood, because I’m really into archery right now.” He’s so funny, and he picked out these Star Wars markers to use as the “arrow”.

Cute paint chip notebooks I made. Monster change purses for my monsters. School Valentines.

Thursday: Brown butter snicker doodle cookies for my daddy for Valentine’s. At least I hope he gets them today. Apparently they’ve all been snowed in under tons of snow. If he doesn’t get them for a few more days (even though I sent them priority) they might not be that good. This is probably the best cookie I make, in a word they are AMAZING. Here’s a link to the recipe.

Friday: Okay so there are these pencils that all the old animators used to use. They’re called Black wing pencils. One dude, famous for drawing bugs bunny, was actually buried with one in his hand! They just started remaking them and they are very cool and pricy. I got a sample pack for xmas and my sisters thought they were very neat. I made these notebooks out of paint chips for my mom and sisters and then each sister got ONE pencil (I ordered the sample pack and split it up). My mom got a bookmark to go with her notebook. 

I cut the paper and then actually used the sewing machine to sew the paper into the paint chip.

The rest of my week is mostly kid parties and then a much deserved date with my husband to our favorite Indian place. I had such a lovely time this year. Leave a comment by the end of this week and you’ll entered to win. I’m giving away a change purse, a bookmark, and a notebook with one of the fancy pencils! I’ll mail anywhere all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS blog. Let me know what your favorite valentine’s memory is, or any special plans you have.

Thank you readers, I love you.


7 thoughts on “Fourteen Days of Valentine’s Week Two.

    1. Susie I will make you some! There are these other ones I want to try that end up looking like a paint chip notebook matchbook wouldn’t those be great for business cards for you? B/c you know “Paint chips”!

  1. Jessie, I very much enjoy your blog and to hear these snippets of your life. 🙂
    Valentines Day for us will be a day of Mark being home from work after being out of town. So I’m really looking forward to that. Family time! No date night plans, but there is maybe something else less valentine-y that will make the day special. (I’ll tell you when I see you.) 🙂

  2. It sound like you had a productive week. I will be celebrating valentines day and my birthday on sat because I am snowed in at my friends house. She is on vacation in Vegas and her flights keep getting cancelled. I am watching her little one. So I guess I will make cookies with him and a cake for my sweety at home. Red velvet with cream cheese icing is his favorite, and fits right in with valentines day

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