A Winter’s Tale.


I write to you from the front lines of our un-ending war with that evil tempest Winter. She is brutal and unceasing in her attack upon the lands and I fear that we are losing the battle. The open lands of Backyard have long been lost to us, covered and frozen, buried beneath her evil magic spells. I fear that we are soon to lose the border lands of Sidewalk and Mailbox. As it stands now there is only the narrowest of passageways that connect these lands to our neighboring kingdoms, who we have lived in peace and harmony with. Even these pass’s are not safe, and we are constantly on the lookout for landslides and must spend long hours clearing the blockades to make them safe to travel again. Soon we will be cut off from our allies.

Our war machinery is beginning to breakdown. We’ve lost ye ol’ snowblower and have been forced to use crude and rudimentary farm instruments in our constant skirmish’s with Winter’s formidable foes.  Even my own snow armor is at it’s last. Just this morning, during a battle that left me both weary and poor of spirits, the magic elastic stretched beyond repair. As such I spent a great deal of time hoisting my armored pantaloons which left me vulnerable to attacks from behind.

I find that my muscle’s are no longer a match for the giant walls of snow and ice that stand on either side. These walls reach to tops of the outer castle walls. I can barely hoist the enemy’s back over them, and at least half slide back down to fight us again. My soldiers are weary and fatigued. I myself find that my good nature is turning hard…

Hard as ice…


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