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A long while ago a college friend of mine sent me a message that said something like, “whenever I see you have a new blog up I sing ‘I Get To Read Jessie’s Blog!'” That was one of the sweetest, funniest things any one has ever said to me. Ever since, I have sung it when I click “publish post”. When I’m having an especially rough day or week I sometimes imagine the song playing in a room crowded with people, lights flashing on the stage: “We Get To Read Jessie’s Blog dada da da daaaa, Jessie’s Blog!” Then I run onto stage in some super cute outfit with hair that bounces around and the crowd goes wild.

I know this is superficial of me, maybe even a bit narcissistic. Why on earth would there be a room full of people cheering to rock music and lights and fog for a blogger? Isn’t the point of blogging that it’s online and read in your home? Please don’t judge me too harshly. I don’t think about it all the time only when I really really really (three really’s or more) need a pick me up. This has been a week where I’ve really needed the pick-me-up. So Join me: “Jessie’s blog dadadadaaaaa!”

I don’t have much for you except GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!! YEAH!!! The winner of the change purse is: Jen B, the winner of the Bookmark is: Susie Finkbeinger, and the Notebook and fancy pencil goes to Jennifer Cavinder. I’ll get your stuff to you in the mail. Thank you so much to every one who left a comment. Your comments all make me so happy, especially during hard weeks. Thank you!

Next week I have a really special blog post coming up and another giveaway!

Love you all!

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