Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but my Mother and father in law came for a visit. I always get a little nervous in anticipation of their company. Still, after almost twelve years of marriage, I wish I knew why. This time they brought three of our nieces and nephews and I was trepidatious to say the least. I kept worrying. Did I have enough food? Would the youngest climb the bookshelves and have them topple over on him? I don’t worry about these things with my kids, or the kids I babysit so why am I worried about all of this with them?


I really don’t know. There is a part of me that’s shy and awkward, perhaps being part of someone els’s family brings that out in me. I’ve certainly experienced that feeling with my church family. Maybe it’s because they’re a different kind of family then the one I grew up in. Maybe I want them to know that their son, married a good woman. I suspect it’s a combination of all these things.

ImageSilly thing is that they love me, I’m sure they do. They’re good hardworking people who are doing the best they can. What helps me to mentally prepare is to remind myself that what I want to show them is love, grace, and I want to make them feel special. Especially the kids, instead of getting overly strict with them, I want them to see a woman who loves being a mom, and who bakes cookies and knows all the words to the Frozen soundtrack. I want my husband’s parents to see a woman who is so happy and grateful to be married to their son, a woman who loves their grandchildren. So I do what I do best, I make them pie, their favorite cookies, and sweet tea, and we talk and laugh and the kids play with their cousins the way I used to play with mine. It always ends up being a beautiful day. Image

I guess all that to say, if your nervous about someone just try to think of a way to make them feel special. Food, or cards, or fixing their car. Whatever it is that you do for others, do for them. It might even make them call you “sunshine” which is what my father-in-law calls me and it might be my favorite nickname. 


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