Happy Late Mother’s Day

This week of dreary weather is starting to wear me down. I feel like my brain is slogging upstream through a river of syrup. After planting last weekend it’s particularly difficult to take. Thinking back a year it’s even worse… Last year I was in Jamaica with my mom and my best friend for my best friend’s wedding. It was so beautiful and arm and breezy and special (did I mention warm?) So now I’m at home thinking about an ocean breeze and missing my  mom.


If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have been able to go to Megan’s wedding. My mom loves Megan and knows how important she is to me, and it’s because of mom’s generosity that I was there when Megan got married. It wasn’t just a financial sacrifice either, my mom hates to fly, and yet she did it for me. Let me tell you how precious that time was, just the two of us for an entire week. That is a rare gift indeed, something that almost never happens. Plus I got to see part of the world previously closed to me, I now have a passport (I feel so cultured). 


Last year I spent Mother’s day with my mommy in the tropics. This year I spent it with my own boys and I hope someday they’ll know how much I love them, the same way I know how much my mom loves me. 

I miss the sun, and the warmth, but mostly I miss my mom.

To all you moms out there happy late mother’s day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Late Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks Jess! I Miss you so much. That trip was awesome and so special. We should do another trip again soon!

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