The Tomb

Finally we are having nicer weather. FINALLY. It’s so beautiful and it’s been so long in coming that instead of waisting the time running inside to get a blanket to lay on in the grass I just laid on the picnic table. That’s where my husband found me when he came home from work. Dinner? Oh yea, I can’t make it because I’d have to go inside… We had oatmeal instead, and then I took the dog for a walk. Later after the kids go to bed I’m going to have a cream filled cupcake I bought at the bakery (yes, I’m THAT kind of mom, but they already had their treats.) 


I had to run inside to get something and when I came out Conster squealed, “Mom, we’re being Jesus and this trash can is our tomb!” I had no idea how to respond to that. None. So I pretended that they weren’t playing in a trash can lying on it’s side, and went back to sitting in the sun. There’s probably some kind of lesson here; the renewal of spring after a long winter, the hope of life even though half my plants died during last weeks cold snap, something about “when is a trash can not a trash can”… but all I can do is lay in the grass staring up at the blue sky listening to my kids laughing. 



5 thoughts on “The Tomb

  1. The imaginativeness of children never ceases to astound and inspire me. There’s certainly a lesson (or two or three…) to learned from them here and for me it is to stop and remember to look at things in entirely different lights sometimes as most of the world perceives them.

    ♥ Jessica

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