Fairy Garden

This is a tale in two parts…

photo 2-5 copy 2
A tiny bistro set made of spools and buttons.

Part one. When I was in high school we moved to a new town.  We moved in next to a lovely older couple. The man was kind and quiet the woman was vivacious and loving. They had experienced some terrifying losses, their daughter was killed in an accident. And yet, they were wonderful beautiful people. There was no bitterness in their home. Together they had the most beautiful gardens I’d ever seen. Flowers under this tree, an assortment of beautiful blooms next that that wall… And in these gardens hidden away were tiny fairy homes. At first you didn’t even notice them (and this was before fairy gardening was a trend), simple and sweet little vignettes, my favorite was the tiny clothes line complete with tiny clothes pins. It spoke a little magic into all our ordinary lives.


Part two. My five year old son was looking through my pie cookbook with me. He’s funny like that and the pictures in this book are wonderful. As we browsed through he was struck with an idea for his future. “Mom” he said “When I’m big can you and me have a pie shop? And can we roll out crusts together? And can we deliver the pies on our kickstand bikes with wire baskets?” My heart melted into a puddle of mom goo… “And, just you and me, SuperH can’t roll out pie crusts.” he added firmly. My heart was still mom goo. And even though my husband tells me this dream might not last I’m putting it in that special place in my heart where mom things go.

A kickstand bike to deliver fairy sized pies.



Last week I was given a trailer bird house. It was cute and reminded me of the campers I’ve been dreaming about but I couldn’t find the right place for it. Suddenly I was struck. A Pixie Pie shop for my garden! What a wonderful way to honor my late friend and neighbor, who with her husband made us feel at home. What a fun way to bring Conster’s pie shop to life. So I got to work changing the bird house and adding some things from my old doll house. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages, my girly heart was singing with pure joy. Then the fairy bug bit me, it bit me hard and I went a little crazy and started making cottages and furniture and well… I have a feeling this is only a beginning (My husband came up with the idea to make adirondack chairs, so that’s next…

photo 5 copy
leaves for curtains.

photo 4-2 copy 2

I hope your day is filled with little bits of magic.

photo 1-8 copy 2
stone chimneys and wooden doors and fairy peepholes. Shells for door knobs.

6 thoughts on “Fairy Garden

  1. I am new to the Fairy craze but I cannot believe you posted this!! It wasn’t even 5 months ago that I was ‘window laptop’ shopping on Amazon and got hooked on the mini Fairy Garden structures I found! It took me about 4.5 seconds to realize that I HAD to have a giant glass terrarium so that I could fill it with all the Fairy goodness I could make! I however, know how I can be with my obsessions (don’t even get me started on my little fabric stash!), so I haven’t ventured into that cute, how-can-you-not-love-the-little-goodness hobby. So please, post many, many pictures that so I can enjoy from a distance. 😉

  2. I love love the bistro set. So cute. It’s all so cute. Ruth would love it. I can just see her with that twinkle in her eye.

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