Cooling on the windowsill.
Cooling on the windowsill.

To start I’d like to say, thank you for all the lovely comments on the fairy garden. It’s so much fun, and as soon as I have any more to share with you I will. Second, I have an article coming out in an online homesteading magazine, called From Scratch, (if your joining us from there, a big welcome!). I am not a true homesteader in the way that I live in the city and can’t have chickens, but I so love the idea. Very romantic. And while I know that the reality is a whole lot different then the dream, it’s something I still hope for someday. In the meantime, they’re a great magazine to learn from (they’re very supportive of independent farms, and it’s free!), dream from, and use, as I do have a very hopeful, very weed infested vegetable garden, and a fairy flower garden, and am hoping to add a compost bin to the do-it-yourself-mix soon.

This picture is from a few weeks ago. I was making a coconut cream pie.

Where was I? The magazine. My article is the how to  of pie, and I’m really excited to be included in their lovely publication. Check it out HERE, my article starts on page 114. I hope you’ll pop on over and give it a view.

In celebration of the article coming out I made a pie for writer’s group, and your viewing pleasure. My favorite, raspberry, I have very fond memories of this pie. My Grammy was an amazing pie maker, and in the summers when raspberries were running rampant over the farm we’d get a raspberry pie (along with freezer jam). To me this pie tastes like the best of summer; freedom, long days, and love. Love from my grandparents as they opened their home to us every June through August.

Ready to go in the oven.

 I used a recipe from Taste of Homes you can find it HERE. Instead of a top crust I used Sweetie-licious crumb topping and my personal favorite pie crust recipe which you can find in my article in From Scratch Magazine.

Warm raspberry pie.
Warm raspberry pie.

I don’t know if there’s anything in the world I love to eat more then pie. I hope someday we can all eat pie together! Happy summer everyone.


One thought on “Pie.

  1. A give away idea.😉 Whoever leaves a comment and is drawn gets an afternoon with the lovely Jessie with pie.

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