Flag day.

I love birthdays. Mine or others. Celebrating the day you came into this world is a great thing. Plus dessert without guilt and presents and lots of attention. I love birthdays. My birthday is Saturday and it’s been a rough week and I kind of forgot that it was my birthday coming up and I’m going to be out of town and then my husband is going to be out of town and then we’re all going to be out of town… So I’m not sure what Saturday will be like. I’m going to be with a group of writers on Lake Michigan, and if I was blessed with some amazing in-the-zone-writing for my birthday that would be great.

I also made a dress. It’s become an accidental tradition for me to make myself a new birthday dress. My birthday is on flag day, and I have a very vivid memory of holding my Grammy’s hand on my birthday a flag over her shoulder. We hung Old Glory together, just her and I, and I felt special. Now flags make me think of my Grammy and my birthday (along with national pride and all that). I found this knit fabric with strawberries which also remind me of summer and I feel like I was wearing a knit dress while we hung the flag all those years ago and so this dress just feels… right… Image

I started to say that it had been a rough week, which seems a little sad for a birthday week. Then I found this in my hanging begonias, and after a minor scare (I thought I had drown the eggs) I now have a mom robing living outside my kitchen window with a nest and three beautiful blue eggs. It’s so magical and sweet, and honestly it feels like a little present from God. A summertime piece of magic right outside my window and I’m so happy and joyed by it. 


Happy birthday friends, mine and yours. The day you came into this world, and brought your own magic is worth celebrating. Have a lovely weekend.



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