Writer’s Retreat


photo 1-10 copy 2

The writer’s weekend was incredible. My cautious hopes for the weekend were blown out of the water. I was more then inspired! The setting was amazing, the weather perfect, the food good and the fellowship fantastic! Lake Michigan really is my soul place, I’ve had several precious moments here and this was so exception.

photo 1-10 copy 3

Sunset over the lake.

photo 2-5 copy 2

I started a new writing journey.

photo 2-5 copy 3

photo-9 copy 3

This is where I spent most of my writing time. Sand in my toes notebook on my lap.

photo 3-2 copy

When I got hot, or stuck long walks were just the medicine.

photo 4-2 copy

My birthday dress was a smashing hit.

photo 4-2

These dogs were having the best days of their lives.

photo 5-2

My birthday dinner was wonderful and the friends who were there were the best part.

photo 5When I got home these fuzzy babies were waiting for me.

I am more then happy and inspired. I’ve been waking up early (I mean early people) excited to get out my notebook before the boys get out of bed. I don’t know how long that will last, but I’m riding the wave as long as I can. I won’t be posting next week, I’m taking the time to spend with family, but I’ll be back after that. Thank you sweet readers for all the birthday wishes, I hope your days are filled with sun and sand too.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Retreat

  1. I am honored to have shared both your birthday and all the wonderful magic of the weekend with you! Love you bigger than the Great Lakes combined…and then some!

  2. You are just fabulous all the way around, inside and out. And so is that birthday dress. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you! Write on, my lovely!

  3. Such fun! It really was a great weekend to gain inspiration as well as meet some splendid ladies like yourself!
    So glad you’re still riding off the energy of such a fabulous time!

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