Day Care

Oh my goodness I forgot to post last week! It was sort of crazy with Brian being out of town again and a friend and her toddler visiting. Super fun, let’s chalk it up to summer time. I have to say how grateful and blessed I was by all of your feedback and comments about my last post. I was a little nervous pushing “publish” on that one, but you all were so kind. THANK YOU!

Summer is sort of racing by. I’ve been picking green beans from the garden (so far the only thing but weeds to really thrive) and we’re knee deep in VBS. Then I received a message from a friend of mine about openings in her day care for the upcoming school year and I almost choked. Is it time to think about school again?

In case your local and your looking for child care, this woman is amazing. She was Conster’s preschool teacher this year. The best way I can describe Mrs. Collazo is that if you opened the windows of her classroom and she held out her finger I think a blue bird would come land on it! She really is so sweet and kind and loves kids so much. She recently had the opportunity to open up her own private day care. She has space right now (including some infant space) but I’m sure it will fill up fast. She told me that she would love to give tours or answer any questions.  She can be contacted at 269-425-5207 (if it’s during day care hours text so as not to wake the babies, 7am-5pm). I’m mentioning it because I know of several people who are expecting and I can’t imagine anything more stressful then finding someone to care for your child. She’s so wonderful and Conner loves her so much. Plus I love highlighting local businesses.

Mrs. Callazo.
Mrs. Callazo.

4-18 MONTHS $4.25/HR
19-30 MONTHS $4.00/HR
31-47 MONTHS $3.75/HR

Well, not much to say except it’s quite cold for July, and I am desperate to hold on to each summer day. Hope you are finding summer to your liking as well.



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