Retaining Wall

This week my Daddy came to help me rebuild a retaining wall between my yard and my neighbors driveway. It’s hard, dirty work and I love it. I don’t love it because of the job. I love it because I like working with my dad. My dad and I have been working together since I was kid (not sure how much “help” I was back then or now). And all those times have brought us closer together. Whether it was shoveling the driveway winter, painting homes in the summer during college, remodeling my basement. When we’re working together we’re sharing in a joint goal, talking about life and learning about each other. These times are very precious to me. Grimy precious times.

After the pain of tearing things out.
After the pain of tearing things out.

The retaining wall also got me thinking about life. My lawn was growing past it’s original boundaries and taking over the neighbors driveway. It was out of contra and it wasn’t healthy. We had to work hard tearing it down, and shoveling it out before we could even begin to rebuild it. God wants us to thrive, too, but we don’t do that when we’re spilling over the boundaries He’s laid before us. Sometimes we live out of control; In our health, our spending, our business and our spiritual lives. God wants to make us healthy again, but getting our life back can be really painful and hard. Sometimes God has to tear us down, pulling roots shoveling the crap out of our lives before he can build us up. It hurts, it’s dirty hard work. But then, He builds us up.

My old man and my baby!
My old man and my baby!

photo-9 copy 2

Like my retaining wall. It helps if you have someone you trust working beside you. Someone who can love you in your mess, and help lay new bricks. Maybe I’m reaching, I am completely covered in dirt and my muscles are very tired. At the very least, I know there is magic in this hard work because time spent with my Dad makes this job a blessing and a joy.photo 3-3


4 thoughts on “Retaining Wall

  1. Oh! Jessie!! This must be the sweetest, most beautiful thing I have ever read. I love it!
    Well said. And congratulations on a job well done. I’m glad your dad was there to help you. He sounds like a good man.

    1. Megan my dad is wonderful! It takes a remarkable person to turn a job like that into something to look forward too. And thank you, we just finished and it looks really nice!

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