I learned today that my style is called “Vintage Fusion” that is a way better term then “Granny Chic” which is how *ahem* my style has been categorized in the past. Vintage Fusion, yeah that’s cool.

Confession time, I completely stink at wearing makeup and only have three (really two, three is being kind of generous) viable hair styles that I can manage. Monday I worked at the fabric shop all day so I wore a super cute, made-by-me dress and had my hair all curled (option two for my hair) with a flower clip. My husband said, “Wow, if your going to look like that you can work every day.” (swoon) which was all well and good until a normal day at home and I want to look that cute for my man and really embrace my Vintage Fusion look only I try to do something different with my hair…

I tie-dyed this myself and it was really fun, and well, I love Captain America. He's vintage right?
I tie-dyed this myself and it was really fun, and well, I love Captain America. He’s vintage right?

Seriously I have no idea what’s going on up there. Sort of like a frizzy pony tail/ my bangs are all over the place in my eyes, and the kids are literally shaking the house as they tear around it playing tag monster (what is wrong with outside, I ask?). So Vintage Fusion might not completely describe my look, at least not my every day look. I wish I was better at it, maybe there’s still hope but let’s be real I love my nerd t-shirts and sometimes a regular pony tail has a charm all it’s own. 


6 thoughts on “Style

  1. Aww, I’m truly delighted to know that you’re a fan of the term vintage fusion, too. I think it sums up how so many of dress and encapsulates a wide range of styles, from someone who mixes repro and genuine vintage to the gal who adds the occasion vintage piece to her chic modern ensembles and everything in between.

    ♥ Jessica

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