Craft Time

This summer I did something brave, I did something that took guts and courage and resolve. No, I didn’t run a marathon, I hosted two Jr. High craft days at my house! All kidding aside I was a little nervous about these two days. I’m very comfortable with my high school college aged coffee club girls and I was nervous about this younger set. But I felt like it was important we have so many middle school girls it’s a shame to not reach out to them, and really it’s the perfect age for a craft or two.

photo 1-10
I suggest tie-dye for outside. My lawn is still very patriotic looking.

Here, is what I discovered about this age. They’re a little more unsure of who they are, they’re searching for that person that’s just out of reach inside themselves. They are psyched to be out of the house, they are as a rule louder and messier. But all these things also means they’re more likely to jump in and try my cockamamie schemes, have fun and be really impressed with oven baked cinnamon toast. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the right products to do a successful crafting time, or that we would have too much time or too little time. Turns out I did not need to fret one bit, they could turn anything into a success and were so happy to be there that even after we finished two hours early the first day they were just as happy to talk, laugh, and feel like the high school girls they so eagerly wait to be.

photo 4-2
I wanted a group pick of us wearing our shirts but forgot to tell everyone to wear them. Aren’t they neat?!


The first week we made Tie-dye captain america t-shirts (click HERE for the directions). I bought waaaaaay too much stuff but that turned out to be fine as the coffee group came the next day and made a bunch of shirts too. The second week we made fairy houses. I had tons of beads, buttons, rocks, shells, just tons of stuff and they were so excited. I love their creations, each one is so unique and special telling you something about the soul inside. One smart move I made was inviting one of the high school girls to fairy house day as a sort of helper. She manned the glue gun, impressed us all with her out of this world fairy house creations, mentored and helped me clean (thank goodness for that, I’ve never seen such a mess in all my life!).photo 5-2

It was a blessing and I’m planning more maybe one over Christmas one for spring break and more next summer. If you’ve thought about reaching out to kids, I can’t encourage it enough. You will never know how meaningful it was for one of them just to be invited into your home and treated like a grownup for an afternoon. I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be scary or overly complicated. Believe me they’ll fill in the conversation, and you’ll get a glimpse at the woman waiting inside. photo 2-5

We've got a beach house, a cobblestone, an Indian type and even one made from a tea cup!
We’ve got a beach house, a cobblestone, an Indian type and even one made from a tea cup!

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