Writer’s Retreat

Spa water, Hot cider and coffee available all day.
Spa water, hot cider, cookies and fruit available to nibble all day.

This past June one of my writing friends and I were invited a writer’s retreat on Lake Michigan. It was fabulous and completely reinvigorated my writing. The downside is that you can’t be at a Lake Michigan retreat every day, how to stay inspired while at home with piles of laundry everywhere. One of my students turned adult friends (a transformation that happens so very quickly) stopped by to check out some notes on outlining I had and to work on her book. While she was here I got a ton of writing done because we were both writing (I guess it helps to write near another person who is also writing?) It then occurred to me; You don’t have to go far to get away from it all. So I hosted a mini retreat at my house during the school day for my writer’s group.

Pen and note books all over.

Planning it was half the fun! I wanted it to feel like Autumn and to inspire the only way golden sun, nippy breezes and hot cider can. I was so pleased with how it turned out. I’m an introvert but this doesn’t mean I don’t love people, I totally do and my writer’s group is very important to me. Having a house full, (after two weeks of silence from back-to-schoo)l, with women who love the written word almost as much as they love each other was completely wonderful! They spread out all over my house and outside and we took a break and had lunch together to talk about what we’re working on, and to tell stories. It was so sweet.

Filled up the gangly spaces with cheap pumpkins from JoAnn’s and ended up loving the look.

I’ve been struggling with my home lately. Everything is dingy and needs a fresh coat of paint and it’s hard not to see every flaw. But when this house was filled with love and magic no one noticed my grimy door frames or dinged up cupboards. They saw a house that inspired and sheltered them for a day of writing and fellowship. I relearned that you don’t have to have a huge mansion to open your home to others, and to make people feel welcome. A lesson I hope to remember as I gear up to remodel the kitchen on a shoestring budget. Home really is about heart.

It was nippy out but a blanket made for a wonderful outdoor experience.

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