How to deal with life change (as so far as it pertains to eating)…

I debated talking about this because it seems like we’ve entered into an era of allergy haters. I get it, it’s totally inconvenient to try to figure out a place where everyone can eat. I have had a dairy allergy for years and that’s tough enough, even though you really just have to order everything without cheese (Ah cheese, I remember your yumminess). However, I’ve been battling extreme fatigue and stomach issues for years, six to be exact. So in September my Doctor and I decided that I should try the dreaded gluten free diet to see if it would help (this is after tons of expensive tests mind you). And, wouldn’t you know it made all the difference. Now if you ever been unwell for any length of time you come to a place where you just want to feel better no matter the cost and it really took me a long time to get there because I love food, baked goods to be exact. It’s more then just a love of eating them, it’s also a love of making them. I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating this girl-who-bakes-amazing-treats identity. I know it sounds silly, but when other’s say love with flowers or hugs, I like to say it with cookies and pie.

Pie Test Number 1: Gluten Free Apple Pie. Coffee club girls as test subjects.

So here I am, finally with some energy and a stomach that is working properly and I’ve lost this part of who I am. This thing I do is no longer available to me. I’m talking about cookies here; how do people that lose a limb or one of their senses cope? Luckily I stumbled upon this website that is all about making really good gluten free food. NOT good-for-gluten-free but just good! So I’ve been on a scientific mission of baking and feeding all of my friends and students and getting real feed back about cookies and pies and cakes. It’s actually been kind of fun. There’s a crazy connection here I want to get to with writing fiction but I think it will take too long so look for part two of cooking gluten free (which will actually be about reading different kinds of fiction). If you or someone you love is Gluten intolerant check out this website: Gluten Free on a Shoestring, it’s fantastic has tons of recipes and does not require a bunch of insane ingredients. Also when it comes to food preferences there isn’t anything wrong with honoring someone you love with a food they can enjoy (plus if they do have dietary restrictions they’ll appreciate it even more!)


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